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Schools workshops

I conduct cooking, nutrition and mindfulness workshops in kindergardens and schools

The PEACE program

PEACE is the acronym for Presence, listening, attention, concentration at school.

This is a program set up by the association for secular meditation at school (AMLE) in France and supported by the AMEB association in Belgium.

Led by certified instructors, this program aims to familiarize children from kindergarten to the end of high school with the different aspects of mindfulness meditation, in order to explore its effects on their listening, their presence, their concentration, their attention to oneself and other others.

I am a PEACE instructor, member of the AMEB, able to carry out this program in establishments in Belgium during school and extracurricular time from kindergarten to middle school.

This program promotes, among other things, the development of attentional skills and stress regulation.
and emotions, as well as greater self-confidence. It also allows the development of
psychosocial skills (CPS) which promote the well-being of students and a peaceful classroom climate.

The approaches practiced are essentially the practice of attentive presence, resolutely secular,
enriched with body practices inspired by yoga and Qi gong, as well as contributions including psychology
positive, emotional intelligence and body-mental connections.

This course is offered either by accredited external instructors or directly by supervisors
educational. The 10 themes can be rolled out throughout the year or in an initial 10 weeks.

The program was applied in public, private and ZEP+ establishments, in educational cities, and adapted to
extra-curricular (longer workshops). In 2023, a PEACE EDUC SANTÉ adaptation was created to
support health professionals supervising children and young people in difficult situations.
A network of high school or student ambassadors, facilitators of BefriendYourMind speaking circles,
additionally developed in secondary and higher education, thanks to collaboration with
our partners.

PEACE meditation school mindfulness
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