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Nutrition, naturopathy and meditation

Meet during my consultations with you ​ Concrete, realistic advice adapted to your pace ​ LISTENING, PROPOSALS, FOLLOW-UP in person or VIDEO

What I offer 

Naturopathy Sophie Maisonnier

Consultations in naturopathy/ life hygene :

1h30 - 1h for follow up sessions

  • A vitality, physical and emotional assessment (anamnesis)

  • A caring ear in a safe space

  • Concrete, realistic and personnalized propositions : recipes and menus, supplements, plants, breathing and meditation tools, adjusted to you 

Thai cuisine

Nutrition consultations for adults and children

1 hour

  • Recipes, and/or tailor-made menus

  • Advice and information to no longer be lost

  • Work on eating behavior if necessary

  • An optional mindful eating experience

In what situations should you consult?

Situations in which I can support you : 

I want to change my eating habits,

to find new recipes,

I have a specific diet and struggle to find recipes


                                                              I need support for my children's meals,

                                                                  I wish meal times were simpler,

                                                                   I have a baby starting weaning

                                                                    and I am not sure what to do



I experience eczema, bloating, reflux, migraines,

stomach aches, fatigue, stress, anxiety,

symptoms linked to menopause, etc

and I would like a naturopathic intake on them



                                                              I am going to live abroad

                                                            and I experience stress,

                                                          and/or I wish to prepare on a wellbeing

                                                             and food level for all to go well

Or I would like to engage in a more holistic or natural approach to my well-being

Sophie Maisonnier Movement


Sophie is very attentive, insightful and caring; she was able to present her support with great gentleness and pragmatism. A very nice meeting that meets my expectations.


Superb consultation.

I came with a bad heart and a lot of questions given my health problems.

I had answers to my questions. Sophie is very attentive. She knows her job very well.


Sophie is reassuring and offers many solutions.

I highly recommend it.

There is follow-up for the future improvement of our state of mind and health :-)


I loved her advice, her listening skills and her recipe ideas.

I came with a desire to change my diet and she was able to explain to me the pros and cons of each type of diet that I was targeting (ketogenic, Cretan, monodiet) and help me see how to implement it concretely in my life

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