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Naturopathy and diet consultations
Adults, families, expatriation

Whether you are an adult looking for personalized advice, a family wishing to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, or an expatriate seeking to maintain balance, Sophie offers consultations adapted to your needs.

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Adult consultations

Naturopathy or nutritional advice on video or in Brussels

1st session: 1h30 - 90 euros

Follow-up session: 1 hour - 70 euros

3 sessions on average

Family prepares breakfast

For families

Family naturopathy, personalized menus, advice on meals and children's diet, eating behavior, baby weaning

1st session 1h30 - 90 euros

Follow-up: 1 hour - 70 euros

Baby weaning: 60 euros

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Food and wellbeing support for expatriation

Support to prepare for your trip abroad or expatriation: video consultation and in Brussels : European Quarter or Ixelles

1st session: 1h30 - 90 euros

Follow-up: 1 hour - 70 euros

3 sessions: before departure, on arrival and after 2 months

What is naturopathy

Naturopathy is a discipline that aims to support humans in their well-being, in addition to allopathic medicine.

We look at the person as a whole: our nutritional, physical and emotional balances are linked and benefit from being understood together: this is the approach to holistic or global health.

We are interested in the cause of a symptom or issue and we propose solutions to repair both the symptoms and the cause   

We try to prevent rather than cure by offering health and lifestyle education with a set of tools: dietary advice, plants, food supplements, essential oils, tools for managing stress and emotions, etc.

Discover how I work 

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Naturopathy is not recognized in Belgium and France as a medical or paramedical discipline, it supports your health in addition and complementary to medical monitoring and does not replace it in any way: the naturopath is not authorized to carry out diagnoses, modify medical treatments and analyze blood tests

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